Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Apparently it is bralette season

Evidently, sewing bralettes is a thing I do. Let me tell you, this time I found pattern I love. I'd seen many others make the Poppy Bralette by House Morrighan and it just looked so darn neat. I really like the idea of a bralette, but there aren't many that work with larger chests. I generally stick to wired bras, but after sewing up the Romy Bra, I was in a mood to try a bralette for myself.  I finished setting up my projector for pattern cutting, so it seemed like a appropriate time to test it out with a new pattern! 

Isn't the projector set up an awesome thing?

I made an F/G cup and a straight size 10 (43.5 bust).  Can we talk about the fact that their size range is pretty amazing for a bralette?  The only downside is that I could find no information as to what each cup range corresponded to, so I had to guess. On my next one, I'll definitely go up a cup size.  The band was a perfect fit.  I followed the advice to add elastic to the intersection of the cups and the band.  That definitely adds some nice support, but makes it harder to get a good picture due to the pulling.

Who doesn't love a good flat lay?

     Lining fabric - Medium Powernet from Bra Makery
Rings & Sliders - Tailor Made Shoppe
Elastics:  Bra Makery

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