Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Hi y'all!

Hello there. My name is Lauren and I'm finally starting a sewing blog. I've been throwing the idea around for a few months, so here we go.

I'm a wife, a mom of 2 boys and I live on a little bit of land with our chickens, ducks, Guinea hens, 2 cats and a pup.

Why do I feel the need for a blog? I'm a curvy sewist. While there are a lot of other curvy sewists out there, I often have trouble finding  examples of how garments fit curvy people. I figure, at the very least, my blog can become a help to someone else who is looking to see a human wearing that garment and see what adjustments have been made.

My taste is eclectic, my motivation is high, and my intimidation factor is low.  I'm multi-craftual. If it piques my interest, I'll try it. Currently, I sew a lot, I knit a little and occasionally quilt. I'd like to explore bag and shoe making next. Like I said, I'm not afraid to try something new. I'm sure those crafts will make their way to this little corner of the internet.

I'm currently on a mission to create a mostly handmade wardrobe. I have an eye towards pieces that make a statement and a penchant for not really caring about matching.  I generally go with more Earth tones, but I do love some mustard yellow. According to my color palette, I'm a warm autumn, so I guess I'm already there. I'm also quite aware that you can't always wear the loud patterns.  We'll see where I land.

That bring said, welcome. I hope you'll enjoy what I put out into the world.

And for anyone looking to see how garments fit - Bust:43 Waist:37 Hips:47. I'd be glad to provide more specific measurements if anyone is interested.

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