Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Ginger Jeans - take trois

Everyone loves a good pair of jeans, right? Why is finding them so hard?  Reason 1,503,019 why I sew.

The last of my RTW jeans died under the crushing friction of my thighs, per the usual, so I pulled out some mystery dark stretch denim that's been in my stash for quite a while.

This was the first project I really got to get some good use of my Singer 15-91.  She sews through denim like a hot knife through butter. It's wonderful.  She still needs a name. Taking suggestions.

So, onto the pattern. I love Ginger jeans. I am currently using view A which is the mid-rise version with stovepipe legs. I'm thinking about trying the high waisted version with the same stovepipe leg. I find that the mid-rise hit me at an awkward point requiring me to wear a belt, otherwise they fall down.  Who knows, the high rise version might not fix that.  I also appreciate that they're the perfect length as written.


I found my first pair had some serious wrinkling in the yoke area.  The waistband was also wayyyy too big. I put some darts in, but who really wants to do that? This time, I decided to take the waistband and yoke and redraft them so I had a curved waistband and yoke to match.  This also required taking some out of the top of the back legs to accommodate the smaller yoke.  This was exactly what they needed. 
I ended up with a bit of extra fabric behind the knees.  Maybe I'll try to work on that next time.

I made a triple topstitched hem, just because. I figure its a nice little detail. Add in rivets and I'm a happy jean(s) momma.


Fabric: Mystery dark stretch denim. Most likely from Joanns.
Pattern: Ginger Jeans - Closet Case Patterns


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  2. Your jeans are fabulous! The 15-91 is the farmer’s wife. Bessie. Josie. Margaret. Eulala.