Friday, February 14, 2020

Bra days

One of my favourite garments to make is a bra. They're simple, yet complex. Beautiful, yet functional. And really, that's where my aesthetic lies above all else - functionality. There is something about being able to make a bra that fits, because I've yet to buy one from a store that does. However, this bra isn't for me.

I told my sister I'd make her an item of her choice as part of her Christmas presents.  I'd been putting off ordering some underwires in her size for whatever reason. Then, Ohhh Lulu had a pattern sale. I'd been looking at the Romy bra for a while.  Personally, I prefer an underwire. Probably because I've never had a good bra that didn't have an underwire. Clearly, it was a sign. I sent a picture of the pattern to my sister and she liked it.  This was meant to be.  I'm not going to lie, the next one is for me.

I feel like this bra was so much easier and faster than others. It's probably just because it lacks channeling and an underwire. Amazing how one extra step can feel like so much.  Anywho, she picked out some fun scuba I had in my stash. It was a striped watercolor floral from Tailor Made Shop. Her grab bags are amazing!

Construction wise, it was quick and easy with enclosed seams.  I'd say it was a nice, satisfying sew.  I finished it with black band elastic, quartz pink for all other elastics and some rose gold rings and sliders.  I'd take better pictures, but it is in the mail.

 I guess I should warn ya'll not to expect amazing pictures from me. I'm much more of a wear it once it's done kind of person. I'll get pictures, but they're not going to be the most amazing ones you've ever seen.

 Now I kind of need to make one for myself.

Fabric: Tailor Made Shop
Findings: Tailor Made Shop and The Bra Makery
Pattern: The Romy Bra - Ohhh Lulu

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